3 Reasons to Shop Handmade

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Handmade products are becoming a trending alternative to mass-produced products. Here are 3 reasons to shop handmade products instead of mass-produced products: 

Original images Maria Duranona.

Handmade is good for the environment 

Handmade products have less impact on the environment. Most handmade products are made in small studios or people’s homes, therefore, less energy is used and less contamination is released. Moreover, handmade products are often local, so the product does not travel millions of miles to get to you. 

The handmade business supports communities

When you buy a handmade product you are supporting artisans and industries. The 

artisan industry brings to the world economy an estimate of $32 billion per year. 

Handmade products have a story

Another reason to shop handmade is that every product has a story. Each product carries 

the story of the handmade shop and person that created it, their struggles, and their 

passions. For some people, this is the main reason to buy handmade products. 

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